Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to add YM application on your blog

1. Click picture above.
2. Open Your NotePad
3. Type code in the picture.
4. Replace your_ym_id (without
5. If you use t=2 ( you will get YM appearance like mine at right side)
6. Copy edited code from your NotePad.
7. Click edit layout of your blog, at page element section, click add element.
8. Add html element and paste code copied from your NotePad into html element.
9. Save and view your blog.

P/S : you also can try t=3
t=4 or what ever number you want and you will get different ym


fatin sulaiman said...

salam...fatin dah try... nape x jd pun?? huhu

Kelvin said...

Is it the status bar u mean tats on ur right hand side?

chak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shafwan said...

Salam Fatin, aik, x jd?Fatin ada salah taip kot, cuba check btol2 ^_^

shafwan said...

Hello Kelvin, yup, I mean the status bar on my right hand side (also on your right hand side too LOL). Below chaklife search engine ^_^

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