Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello Guys ^_^

Hello all, wah... Feel like can't believe it, this my first blog in english, Im weak in english writting and spoken, but this my blog, so don't mind la, right readers??? ^_^. The important things, u reader understand what I try to present to u, and readers don't get blur during read my post,hahaha. So, by blogging in english, I wish to improve my english writing and make readers having fun to read it. So, for those weak in english, neither in writing or speaking, don't be shy, just write in english and publish it like what I did in this blog. Keep writing, reply for any comment of your post, and learn. For those weak in english, lets learn ^_^

Readers, are u agree with me??? ^_^


Iriene said...

Keep it up, you have started the first step :)
Hope to hear more from you. Do drop by and support my blog when u r online, thanks!

Kennee said...

Good post... all de best...Btw nanged you and clicked your ads… ^^

shafwan said...

thanks guys coz support my 1st english blog, i'll do my best to post quality articles, Iriene and Kennee, thanks ^_^

sufian said...

don't worry about your english, go ahead..
at least you did the first step!

shafwan said...

To Bro Sufian, sure, no one making changes except my self^_^
thanks 4 supporting ^_^

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